Advanced Cyber Operations

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Providing advanced cyber-related services, from open-source research to training material development. Looking for something else? Let me know your problem, I'll try to find a solution.

Cyber Intelligence

❝If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. Focus your resources protecting critical assets against real threats, not hype.

Vulnerability Assessments

Want to make sure your website is up to best practices? Or if you'd prefer, I can verify your entire subnet, or DNS records. I can also help you prevent data breaches.

Software Development

Temporary help for your small to medium-sized Python projects, or help increasing your productivity by automating daily tasks with scripts.

Reverse Engineering

Everything would be easier if we had the source code...but most times, we don't. No problem, I'll dig into malware or firmware for you.

Research and Content Writing

I can help you doing academic research, write you next awesome article, make a slick Powerpoint or help you create a top-notch training program.

Something else?

Is there anything you'd like to do but not listed here? Contact me and tell me what's on your mind: if I can help you, we'll work out something together.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Do you think I can help you with your project? Awesome! Contact me right now to see how we can work together! Not finding what you need? I may still be able to help you! Let me know to see if we can work out something.

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Why Choose Me?

Finding a cyber security specialist is hard. Finding a good one is even harder. Clean, documented code, research and assessments based on facts and obsession with details are just some of the perks of you will notice.

About Me

More than 15 years of experience in IT, specializing in cyber security, including 12 years in the Canadian Armed Forces. Well-versed in software development, reverse engineering, malware analysis, cyber intelligence.

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Jon Rasiko, CISSP

Cyber Security Specialist

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