Portrait of Jonathan Racicot

My name is Jon Rasiko and I’ve spent the last 20 years studying and deploying cyber security solutions across a wide variety of situations.  I still remember the countless nights I have spent in from of my 286 computer reading the MS-DOS 6.22 manual and hacking video games. This passion for computers has followed me all my life and lead me to complete my bachelor in Computer Science at the University of Montreal and later one, to complete my masters at the Royal Military College of Canada. With the various positions I held as a programmer or as a Signals Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, I have a wealth of experience ranging from the deeply technical such as programming and reverse engineering malware and firmware, to more strategic abilities such as threat identification and analysis.

With the increase of cyber-related threats such as ransomware, nation-state espionage and the weaknesses of the Internet-of-Things, I can help you understanding the ever changing landscape of IT security and how it relates to your business. Should you need temporary assistance for a project, an investigation, building a security-awareness program or simply someone to answer some of your TI security questions, contact me and I’ll provide you with professional and quality advice.

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